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Conducción del Colegio Madre Teresa

Father Juan Pablo Jasminoy

Founder, General and Pastoral Director of Colegio Madre Teresa
Born in 1958, Fr. Jasminoy graduated from the San Juan El Precursor School with a strong social vocation and, afterward, with a deep commitment toward priestly life. He was ordained in 1988 and initiated a fruitful pastoral task in different parishes of the Bishopric of San Isidro and through different projects: House of youth with addiction problems, House for AIDS patients, and the Virreyes Rugby Club, amongst others. In 1992, he organized the visit of Pope John Paul II to Argentina and, in the year 2000, the Millenium Christmas. In 1994, he met Mother Teresa of Calcutta in India. That encounter deepened his vocation of working for and with the most humble. A few years later, being in charge of the Parish of Our Lady of Itati, in the neighborhood of Virreyes, he founded Colegio Madre Teresa.

Marcela de La Fuente, M. Ed.

Executive Director and Legal Representative of Colegio Madre Teresa
A Bachelor in Social Service (University of El Salvador), De La Fuente continued her studies as Specialist in Project Administration (University for International Cooperation) and Specialist in Problems of Familiar Organizations and graduated with a Masters in Family Sciences (University of San Martin). She obtained a Diploma for Legal Representatives in educational institutions (Austral University), graduated as a Specialist in Educational Management and finalized her second postgraduate degree: Masters in Educational Management by the University of San Martin. She complemented her academic career with the Pedagogical Track granted by the Superior Institute of Teacher Training Number 39 of Vicente López (ISFD Number 39).

Josefina López Naguil, B.A.

Administrative Director and Legal Representative of Colegio Madre Teresa
López Naguil studied at the University of Buenos Aires, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She has had a broad experience in the private sector, working in treasury, purchasing, payment of suppliers, and finally in the area of budgeting and management control. With this career path, she opted to devote her training, experience, and social commitment to the proposal of Colegio Madre Teresa. She began working at the School in 2012 and is now in charge of the Administrative Direction and the Legal Representation of the institution.
Directive Team by level:
Formal education:

  • Preschool and Primary levels: Specialist Anabella González and Prof. Paula Naveilhan
  • Secondary level: Silvia Vallejo, B.A and César Blasquiz, B.A

Programs Open to the Community:

  • Culture: Prof. Ezequiel Piotti
  • Sports: Prof. Belén Sosa
  • Youth in Development | Work: Prof. Pola Tripicchio
  • Youth in Development | Studies: Prof. Ángeles Bernard

Advisory Council:
  • Manuel Aguirre
  • Flavio Caputo
  • Diego Caride
  • Eduardo Caride
  • Carolina Carlisle
  • Carlos De Marcos
  • Martín Etcheverry
  • Sergio Ferrando
  • Carlos Frugoni
  • Alfredo Irigoin
  • Fernando Kelly
  • Federico Merener
  • María José Michaud
  • Santiago Morgan
  • José Orlando
  • Lorenzo Preve
  • Alejandro Roggio
  • Juan Thomas
  • Gonzalo Verdomar Weiss 
  • Mario Zirolli

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