Community Outreach

Our socio-educational model includes a free-of-cost educational offering open to the entire community after school hours.

It allows for the integration of more children and young people from the neighborhood.

During the evenings of weekdays and during the weekends, 400 children and young people between the ages of 6 and 25 from Virreyes actively participate in these programs: Culture, Sports Employment and Studies.

Música para Todos Orchestra - Children and Youth

An Orchestra is a socio-educational space that promotes the comprehensive development of children and adolescents through the ages of 7 and 18.

It aims to strengthen social inclusion and the regeneration of community ties. It is articulated in a comprehensive conception of culture as a strategic element for human development.

The musicians become familiar with beauty, self-knowledge, and group work through musical learning and interpretation.

Tiene como objetivo la inclusión social y la regeneración de los vínculos comunitarios y se articula en una concepción integral de la cultura como factor estratégico para el desarrollo humano. 

Los músicos entran en contacto con la belleza,  el autoconocimiento y el trabajo grupal a través del aprendizaje y la interpretación musical. 


Música para Todos Symphonic Orchestra

  • 2 formations (Children and Youth)
  • 8 instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, and Percussion
  • In activity since 2006
  • 2 classes + 1 weekly ensemble (including Saturday morning)
  • 100% of the musicians are enrolled in school
  • Free-of-cost
  • 60 musicians

Virreyes Hockey

Es un espacio socioeducativo gratuito que propone la integración y desarrollo de niñas y adolescentes de Virreyes a partir de la educación en el deporte.

Para niñas y jóvenes mujeres de entre 6 y 18 años.

Virreyes Hockey is a free-of-cost socio-educational space that proposes the integration and development of girls and adolescents from Virreyes through sports.

It is designed for girls and young women between the ages of 6 and 18. It promotes the acquisition of personal, technical-tactical, and physical skills of sports practice.

It provides a framework for support, training, and the creation of affective bonds.

It strengthens the practice of sports amongst women and promotes its relevance in the use of women’s free time.

All this, without losing sight of the importance of formal education in the comprehensive development of childhood and adolescence.


  • 6 divisions (5th to 10th grade)
  • In activity since 2006
  • 2 training sessions + 1 game per week (including Saturday morning)
  • 100% of the players are enrolled in school
  • Free-of-cost
  • 120 players

Our free-of-cost program aims to train and prepare young people for their insertion into the world of formal employment. Designed for former students of Colegio Madre Teresa and other young people from the neighborhood between 17 and 25 years old

How We Work

We provide a fourth-month, free-of-cost training in 3 modules: - Socio-emotional skills - Technical courses - Job search process

Employment Bank
Through the employment bank, we generate a bridge between companies looking for employees and young people of Virreyes who are looking for jobs. We broadcast searches, propose candidates, and carry out post-hire follow-ups.

Labor Niches
We provide access to specialized training spaces based on the opportunities available through alliances with specialized institutions.

Our free-of-cost program promotes the continuation and completion of secondary, university and tertiary studies. It was designed for Virreyes students between 16 and 25 years old.

Espacio Mate
We provide young people with the guidance, tools, and resources needed to sustain their formative journeys. We provide physical spaces to study, Wi-Fi connection, computers, study techniques, and support classes in specific subjects.

Professional Tutoring
We accompany the development of the formative paths of our students individually. Through listening, orientation, and joint reflection on the obstacles, possibilities, and actions to be carried out for the permanence and promotion of their studies.

Study Scholarships
We promote the access of young people to different types of scholarships in universities and private tertiary schools.

  • Management of scholarships in universities and private tertiary schools.
  • Envión Buenos Aires Province Program: monthly scholarships and a technical team to accompany and strengthen the skills of young people to carry out their projects.
  • BBVA Financial Education Program: promotes the completion of Secondary school with a scholarship that covers study expenses and with individual tutoring and group spaces.

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